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    Argentina lignum vitae - a common name given to Vera (Bulnesia sarmienti). A dense resinous wood with similar properties as lignum vitae (Guiacum officinale) but slightly less dense.

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    baggywrinkle - a fluffy pile wrapping on standing rigging designed to minimize wear against sails.

    becket - a term that can be applied to any type of loop or handle that is used for purchase or more specifically, the fancy knotwork rope handles.

    bellrope - also bell rope, a piece of fancy work attached to the clanger of a ship's bell.

    bow fender - a woven rope fender which wraps around the nose or bow of a boat.

    bell lanyard - see bellrope

    bell pull - see bellrope

    Bulnesia sarmienti - see Vera

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    chandlery - traditionally a shipyard store which supplied a variety of goods and materials to ocean bound vessels including pine tar, rope, twine, canvas, hardware etc

    cleat - used here to describe the wooden piece that holds a becket in place on the end of a sea chest

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    float rope - polypropylene loster trap line used to buoy the line up off the bottom in hopes of preventing tangles, chaffing, and loss of gear.

    fid - a wooden cone shaped tool used for stretching eyelets or separating strands of rope. Fids are normally made from hard, dense woods such as lignum vitae, hickory, rosewood, or boxwood

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    Guiacum officinale - see Lignum Vitae

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    lignum vitae - Guiacum officinale, recognized as the most dense wood in the world and prized for marine uses because of its high resin content making the wood highly resistant to marine decay. Currently listed as a CITES II species.

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    marline - small stuff made from hemp used for serving, whipping or lashing, often pre-treated with pine tar

    marlinespike - a metal cone shaped tool usually made from iron or steel that is used for separating strands of rope or wire. Marlinespikes typically have a knob on the wide end that can be used for pounding. Alternate spellings include marlinspike, marlin spike, marlingspike.

    marlinspike seamanship - a general phrase applied to a wide variety of craft involving fancy ropework and knot tying skills.

    marlinspike - also marline spike, marlin spike, marlingspike, see marlinespike

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    parcel - to parcel a rope is to wrap a strip of cloth over the strands. Parcelling is used to protect the rope fibers from weather.

    pine tar - the rendered pitch of pine trees, the highest grade of which comes from the stumps of large trees, it has a very strong smokey scent.

    pot warp - rope connecting lobster traps to buoys, often colorful polypropylene float rope.

    pricker - a tool which represents a hybrid between a fid and marlin spike. The steel point is more durable for prying with and the wooden handle is more comfortable in the hand then the steel butt of a marlin spike.

    pudding - or puddening - a type of fender either, spherical or cylindrical, with a built up core of rope, covered over with either a hitched or crowned rope covering.

    purchase - a term used in this context to describe grip or stability

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    sallie (var. sally) - a tufted section on a bellrope intended as the grip area, similar to baggywrinkle.

    sea chest - a wooden box used by sailors that contained their personal posessions. Many sea chests were made with slanted sides which made the base larger than the top. Some reasons for this feature include added stability or easier storage in the forecaslte, or to allow access in a group of chests placed side by side. Sea chests can also be distinguised from tool boxes or blanket chests by the presence of a wooden cleat on the ends to which a rope becket might be attached.

    seam rubber - a tool made from bone, ivory, or hardwood used for creasing canvas and smoothing seams during the sail making process.

    serve - a process by which small stuff is tightly wound around larger diameter rope to guard against wear and weather, (to serve, serving, service, served)

    stuff - a term applied to a variety of cord types used in knot tying and general ropework

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    thrumming - extra protection given to fenders especially bow fenders in the form of lose rope yarns.

    Turk's head - one type of decorative knot commonly used to bind or cover loose ends.

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    Vera - Bulnesia sarmienti, a dense resinous wood with similar properties as Lignum Vitae but slightly less dense.

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    worm - to worm means to fill the groove formed by adjacent strands in rope with yarn or twine to make the rope more evenly round.

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