T O O L S   &   M A T E R I A L S

hard laid seine twine
Cotton Seine Twine
A good quality three strand twisted cotton seine twine by the ball. Medium hard lay. Various sizes.

#60 Seine Twine, 8 oz ball, 120 ft, 3mm dia, .....Price $12.00 per ball

#30 Seine Twine, 8 oz. ball, 250 ft, 2 mm dia.....Price $12.00 per ball

marlin spike
Marlin Spikes
Steel marlinspikes by C.S. Osborne with flattened tips for working wire or heavy rope.

8" Marlinspike.......Price $48.00

sheep's foot rigging knife
Rigger's Knife
Rigger's knife - This beefy knife is perfect as a rigging or sailor's knife. The four and half inch carbon steel blade has a hardened cutting edge and the spine is un-hardened so that it can be driven with a hammer or marlinspike. The thickness of the spine is a full quarter inch. The grip is covered with tarred knotwork.

Sheep's Foot Rigging Knife.....Price $125...Add a Sheath

knife lanyard
Knife Lanyard
Knife Lanyard - 18" lanyard with a small brass shackle and loop. Loop can be girth hitched to a belt loop and hold a knife, keys, etc. at a comfortable working distance. Knife not inluded.

Knife Lanyard.....Price $35

brass shackle
Brass Shackles
Brass Shackles - These small shackles work very well for attaching bell ropes to bell clappers that have eyes. Click on the thumbnail image at left to see dimensions.

Larger Brass Shackle .....Price $5.00

Smaller Brass Shackle .....Price $4.00

How To Make A Bell Rope
Bell Rope Kit
Bell Rope Kit - Put your tools to use! The kit includes an illustrated booklet and enough material to create the pictured bell rope. The bell rope pattern and instructions were developed by Tim Whitten, at marlinEspike.com. Recommended tools: adhesive tape, long needle nosed pliers or large eye needle, scissors or sharp knife. Difficulty rating: 8/10

Bell Rope Kit .........$20
Instructions only (no twine included).........$15