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Ship's bell with lanyard


The bell has been used for centuries as a signal and warning. A ships bell is used to annouce watches as well as calls to arms. Churches, schools, house and shop doors also use a bell as a signal. Regardless of the application, the bell invariably requires some mechanism to facilitate its operation. For this, simple pulls, lanyards or bellropes are attached to the clapper. Crafting bellropes was mastered by sailors during the height of sea trade in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when time and material was in good supply. Little of the sailors folk art has survived but the art is still alive at Whether you have a traditional wooden boat, a modern fiberglass hull, or simply a bell hanging by your front door for guests to announce their arrival, proper bellropes are the perfect accouterment.

Bell rope orders are filled as they are received but lead times vary. Contact if you have specific concerns or requirements.

Bell Rope Gallery

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Item BR #1
Item BR #2
Item BR #3
Item BR #4
Item BR #5
Item BR #6
Item BR #7
Item BR #8

Brass Shackles
     Brass Shackles - These small shackles work well for attaching bellropes to bell clappers that have eyes. The larger size is most apprpriate for bellropes #3-#8. Bellropes #1 and #2 have eyes with a larger girth and may require a different attachment method. The small shackles are ideal for accessory lanyards and jewelry. Click on the thumbnail image at left to see dimensions.

Larger Brass Shackle .........Price $5

Smaller Brass Shackle ..........Price $4

Brass Ship's Bells
Brass Ship Bells
     Brass Ship's Bells - Nice, solid brass bells with a clear tone. The larger size shackle will work with these seven inch bells.

Seven inch Brass Bell .........Out of Stock

Make your own bell rope
Bell Rope Kit
     Bell Rope Kit - Step by step instructions for you to try your hand at making a bell rope. The kit includes an illustrated booklet and enough material to create the pictured bell rope. The pattern and instructions were developed by Tim Whitten. Recommended tools: adhesive tape, long needle nosed pliers or large eye needle, scissors or sharp knife.

Bell Rope Kit .........$20
Instructions only (no twine included) .........$15

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