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Bow whisker or pudding, photo courtesy Bill Pasik, of Crosby Yachts

Rope Fenders

There is a wide variety of fenders and there are many names that can be used to describe them. Pudding is synonymous with fender but implies a softer cushioning action. There are side fenders and bow fenders as well. Bow fenders are often referred to as bow puddings but then it is not always clear if the reference is made to a woven cylinder or the bow whisker or moustache variety. All are illustrated below and hopefully you'll find what you are looking for.

Fenders, Puddings and Whiskers

bow fender
Bow Fenders
Bow Fender - manila covering over a rope core. Custom sizes available.

2 ft. length x 3 in. dia ..... Price $200

rope fender
Side Fenders
Side Fenders - Woven cotton fenders are standard but other materials can be substituted.

Cotton Side fender... 4"x20" .......Price $85

bow whisker or pudding
Bow Whisker
Bow Whisker - whiskers are attached to a woven rope mat. Manila construction, custom sizes available.

3 foot whisker ..... Price $525

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