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Sea Chests

The sea chests pictured below are works handmade by Tim at Original antique versions varied in size and complexity depending on both the maker and user. These pieces are not for sale and are shown only as inspiration.

Those who wish to construct their own sea chest, a set of plans is available that will facilitate construction of a chest similar to the ones shown here. It is suggested for those who are looking to have a sea chest built, to contact a local woodworker who is willing to work from the sea chest plans featured here. It is a straight forward procedure for me to coordinate with individual wood workers and to incorporate a set of my becket handles. It is the beckets that truly turn a chest into a "sea chest".

Click images for larger views

Sea chest plans
Sea Chest Plans

Sea Chest Plans

"The Sea Chest, History and Construction Plans", written and illustrated by Tim Whitten, details traditional sea chest construction methods. Included are dimensions and details unique to the typical slanted seamans chest as illustrated in the finished models shown below. The book is 24 pages and plastic bound to allow it to lay flat. Also contains sources for hard to find materials such as hand forged hinges and wide board lumber. $12 plus shipping.

Item SC #1

This chest is the one featured on the main index page. The finish is hard oil and has cherry trim.
Sea chest
Item SC #2

This piece has a black, milk paint finish and has purpleheart cleats holding the beckets in place.

Sea chest
Item SC #3

This was a custom order for a fellow knot tyer. The finish is a green milk paint and there are extra till boxes installed inside.
Sea chest
Item SC #4

Sea Chests like the one shown here are the standard construction design. The front and back are slightly slanted. The paint scheme is a two tone milk paint finish.

Sea chest
Item SC #5

This chest is a more basic model. Here only the front is slanted and the beckets are a simple grommet style
Mahogany Sea chest
Item SC #6

All of the sea chests here are from wide boards but what makes this one special is that it was made from 18" wide mahogany boards.
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